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Masculine Shield,





An Eye for and Eye, Collage & Fabric on paper,

                200 x 160 cm / 78 x 62 in,


      Eye of the Diamond,

Collage on paper,

            118 x 45 cm / 46 x 17 in,



gold paint, green screen paint, found objects,

110 x  26 x 15 cm /  43 x 10 x  6 in,



Interactive Performance, Novia University Finland / 2013

Moving from a more traditional means of creating an exhibition based on a single idea and display, the project Community Gender Bending sought to work more collaboratively as well locally amongst the community of Korsholm by creating a project that also relied on public participation as a means of expanding artistic activity beyond traditional processes. Using dialogs from the local scene in Ostrobothnia, the project attempted to go beyond one artistic standpoint by employing a community exchange using multiple authors based on the topic of what defines gender identity in today's society.

The workshop addressed how do social stereotypes within popular culture and its relationship to patriarchy define gender? As mass media utilizes gender as a means of commodification while exposing the male genus with capitalistic endeavors, the discussion probed hetero-normative aesthetics in the media, from Hollywood cinema to commercial advertising and how it structures the perception of gender paradigms. The seminar examined material that affirms male and female roles within the nuclear family found in pop culture, music and consumer media. While referring to media stereotypes in Western society the workshop created a space of discussion about how these gender stereotypes effect local municipalities such as Ostrobothia.

Cake was served at the event so people could share food and ideas about how they relate to gender conditions within their own community.

The workshop was open for anyone as it sought to establish tolerance amid racial, class, religious, sexual and age differences.


The project aims to embrace different orientations beyond patriarchal gaze and to consider ways to transcend societal definitions of feminine and masculine behaviors.

Thanks: Stundars & Novia University

Special Thanks: Gunilla Sand, Robert Back, Jimmy Pulli, Peter Båsk & Carola Harmaakivi

Extra Special Thanks: Students at Novia University & Dmitry Brill

Produced & Supported by KulturÖsterbotten and Stundars, Finland

Audio / Mastering by Dmitry Brill aka DJ Dmitry

Photos by Carola Harmaakivi