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HD Video / Color & Sound, 21.53 min / 2014

The 2 channel video installation "Marit." features the collaborative dialogues of queer feminist pornographer Marit Östberg and Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo in the space of a green screen studio. In video production the application of green screen has commonly been used for creating hyper-realistic situations by distorting the boundaries of what is real and fiction in order to produce a simulation of a reality. However for the film industry it also raises the question who is front of the camera and who is behind it? As such the female characters present in Hollywood cinema are often mothers, wives, girlfriends and roles dependent on men as the Bechdel test described. While this film industry represents one of the most visible and influential forms of entertainment to the masses it also affirms and forms the basis of gender specific behavior and identity.

Set against the visibility of the green screen environment Östberg candidly explores the sexual politics of both mainstream ideologies and her own films as a feminist activist probing representations of the nuclear family, queer bodies and desires that exist apart from hetero-normative practices and aesthetics. The dialogs of Östberg also investigate porn as feminist activist medium and also the subject of “exoticism” as a form of racism.

The filmmaker also discusses her community’s agenda to create an alternative space outside of industry tropes that is augmented by capitalistic endeavors.

*Marit Östberg lives and works in Stockholm and Berlin. She sees porn as a creative way of working with sexual politics, wanting to expand the possibilities of being in the world. She says: “When queers and women take their sexuality into their own hands patriarchy is lost.” Östberg also makes music videos and is working as a VJ, producing images in close cooperation with musicians.

Production Credits :

Director - Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo featuring Marit Östberg
Camera / Lighting - Bildbus & Doireann O'Malley
Editing - Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo
Post-Production - Monkey FX
Sound Editing / Audio Mastering - Joel Alter

Installation Photography - Jason Harrell

Video Installation Screens - Lorenzo Sandoval for “Dissident Desire“, District Berlin 2013

Special Thanks : Marit Östberg, Thomas Nickel Berliner Union-Film GmbH, Jason Harrell, District Berlin, P.Magers