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September 2014 / District Berlin

Conversational stimuli by Bernd Wagner, criminologist and expert

on right-wing extremism and right-wing radicalism, Exit Germany

To broaden the perspective on their own work as well as the turns in the open conversation with interested guests, District invites each studio grant artist to engage an interlocutor from a foreign field of knowledge.

Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, District studio grant artist from July to December 2014, concentrates on the politics of representation regarding gender and racial paradigms that exist within our shared media landscape. 

For her studio talk she has invited Dr. phil. Bernd Wagner, criminologist and cofounder of the initiative Exit Germany who is an expert on right-wing extremism and right-wing radicalism. In relation to the artist’s current research focus, they will discuss the representation of German nationality beyond ethnic and religious identification and, among others, the question what connections might be drawn between the state ideology of the former GDR system and the current day xenophobia and racism within parts of Eastern Germany.

Photos : Jason Harrell  / Hosted by District Berlin