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Born, Busan South Korea, Raised in NYC

Lives and works in Berlin


2006                      BFA Painting, The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow - PL

2001-04                 The Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland - USA


2019                        Ghosts, (solo), Galerie im Turm, curated by Sylvia Sadzinski, Berlin - Germany (upcoming)

2018                       Breathing the Ultimate Wave, Feminism and Class, Sprechsaal, Berlin - Germany

                               Intimacies and Imagined Fictions, SOMA Galerie & NYU Global Asian / Pacific Arts Exchange, Berlin - Germany

                               Requiem for a Failed State, Halle14, Leipzig - Germany

                               A Strong Desire, co-curated by Aleksander Blanar and Justin Polera, PS120, Berlin - Germany

                               Nothing Less : 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage,VBKO, Vienna - Austria

                               Polarisierung durch Feindbilder - Schulische Bildung in Deutschland und Korea im Vergleich, The European University, Berlin - Germany

                               Pomada, Queer Arts Festival, Warsaw - Poland        


2017                       The Screen City Biennial, curated by Daniela Arriado & Dr. Tanya Toft, Migrating Stories Section curated by Tina Sauerlaender, Stavanger - Norway

                               Equus Film Festival, Winner Best Short Documentary “Labor of Love”, NYC - USA

                               Equinale Film Festival, Winner Best Short Documentary “Labor of Love”,  Salzburg -  Austria


2016                       Film Screening, Past, Present, Tense, Cultural Appropriation And Panel Discussion hosted by Indie Magazine, Berlin - Germany       

                               Tunis International Film Festival, Cultural Center Mad’Art, - Tunis   

                               Film Screening & Panel Discussion, Past Present Tense, Cera Project, curated by Ines Valle, London - UK

                               Film Screening, Past Present Tense, DieLINKE KinoNacht, Kino Central, Berlin - Germany

                               Winner Takes All (solo), Alphanova Futura Galerie, Berlin - Germany

2015                       Scottish International Queer Film Festival,  Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow - UK

                               Satellite Effects and Other Lines of Flight, District Berlin, Berlin - Germany

                               Precarious Art: Resistance and Protest, Alphanova Futura Galerie, Berlin - Germany

                               Film Screening, Past Present Tense, XArtsplitta, Berlin - Germany

                               The New York City Porn Film Festival, Secret Project Robot, NYC - USA

2014                       Desert Island, Sculpture Center, NYC - USA

2013                        Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin - Germany

                                Cut&Paste, Dalstone Superstore, curated by Saskia Witckins, London - UK

                                Alter Angle, curated by Justin Ross, Somos Artspace, Berlin - Germany

                                Community Gender Bending, Novia University, Jakobstad - Finland

2012                        Browsing Copy 2, The Singapore Design Festival - Singapore

                                VOLTA NY artfair (solo), presented by Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, NYC - USA

                                Manisensations, Leap Gallery, Berlin - Germany

                                Virtual Realities Film Week, (curator), Berlin - Germany

2011                        Spectacular Society (solo), Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin - Germany (catalog)

                                Proof of Purchase (solo), Arts & Sciences PROJECTS, NYC - USA

                                Preview Artfair, presented by Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Tempelhof Airport, Berlin - Germany  (catalog)

                                The Death of Print, The End of Century, NYC - USA

                                Saturn Blessings, curated by Stevie Hanley, Galerie Studio, Berlin - Germany

                                New Stand, Uturdur, Reykjavik - Iceland

2010                       100% Napalm (two-person), Kuma Galerie, Berlin - Germany

                                Boxers & Fighters, Two Window Project, Berlin - Germany

                                A Dream Within A Dream, with Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo and Yong-Ho Cha, Curated by Felix Park, The Korean Culture Center of Germany, Berlin - Germany

                                Are You Coming Too?, September Galerie, Berlin - Germany

                                A Letter From An Old Folks Home On The Moon, The Polish Losers Club, Curated by Billy Miller, Berlin - Germany

                                New Stand, Arts & Sciences PROJECTS, NYC - USA

2009                       Tjorg Douglas Beer Presents, Galerieimregierungsviertel/The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin - Germany

                                Piloten Text, Curated by Heiner Franzen, Galerieimregierungsviertel,  Berlin - Germany

                                Nelson Mandela Must Be Free, Spor Klübü, Berlin - Germany

                                Like a Moth to a Flame, Curated by Dan Halm, Exile Gallery, Berlin - Germany

                                The Pleasure Seekers, Curated by Dan Halm, Chashama Gallery, NYC - USA


2017                        University of Rochester, Past Present, Tense, Feature “Border Crossings”,  Academic Journal InVisible Culture, Issue 26 - USA

                                Libertine Magazine, Feminismus Goes Pop Goes Digital, pg 25, 27, Issue 6 - Germany

                                “Virtual Borders in a Habour Town”, by Josie Thaddeus-Johns, Elelphant Magazine

                                The Social Art Award, (Shortlisted), Catalog - Berlin, Germany

2016                       Artforum, Critics Picks, Winner Takes All by Arielle Bier

                                “Precarious Art: Protest & Resistance”, Alpha Nova exhibition catalog

                                The Guardian, “Man or Beast, Why a Pack of Wolves is Terrorizing Berlin”, by Morgan Meaker

                                Material Girl Magazine, “Female Empowerment”, by Marieke Fischer

2015                        Artforum, Critics Picks by Travis Jeppesen

                                Exberliner, “The Search for Non White German Identity”, by Jill Evans

                                Iheartberlin, “Examining Racism in Germany”, by Skylar Kang

2014                        Bendover Magazine, Issue 8 - Germany

                                Girls Like Us, Issue 5 - Sweden

                                L-ink Magazine, - SP

                                Kids of Dada, online, February - UK

                                Tip Berlin, Ateliergespräch, September, - Germany

203                         The New York Times, Art Shopping for the Stars - USA

                                Artfetch, “Sex Matters”, by Katie Tsorous - Ireland

                                Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping, by Maria Gabriela Brito - USA

2012                        Wall Papers, Arts & Sciences PROJECTS, NYC - USA

                                Derriere Magazine, London - UK

                                Cake Magazine, September - UK

                                Kenzo's Kenzine, Dal Chodha, September - F

                                Huffington Post Online,“Virtual Realities Film Week” by La John Joseph

                                Missy Magazine, “Defining Identities” by Dorothee Barsch, Berlin - Germany

                                Sugarhigh.de, “Who's Who”, December 3rd, Berlin - Germany

                                Berliner Filmfestivals.de, “Der Andere Blick”, by Caroline Weidner, Berlin - Germany    

                                Zitty Magazine, Virtual Realities, December, Berlin - Germany

                                We Celebrate, A Pseudonym, “The Story of O” by Göksu Kunak

                                Tip Berlin, Virtual Realities Film Week, Berlin - Germany

                                Expatriarch,Virtual Realities Film Week, Berlin - Germany

                                Fluxfm, Virtual Realities Film Week, Berlin - Germany

2011                         Art in America, “Atlas: Berlin”, by Travis Jeppesen, December - USA

                                Spectacular Society, Exh.Catalog, Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin - Germany

                                The Work Mag, Issue 4, Los Angeles - USA

                                Missy Magazine Online, by Ana Maria Michel, August 19th - Germany

                                Bang Bang Berlin, “Artist Showcase:” by Katy Diamond Hamer, July - Germany

                                New York Times T Magazine Online, “LowDown”, by Alec Friedman, May - USA

                                Preview Art Fair, Exhibition Catalog - Germany

2010                       K Magazine, “Art as Symphony”, August - Germany

                               Fault Magazine, London - UK Jungsheft, Issue 1 - Germany

                               Beautiful Decay, Book #2 Underdog - USA

                               Expatriarch Online, “Kitties & Titties, The Collage Work of Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo”

                               Sugarhigh.de, Body Art - Germany

                               Independent Style Magazine, Issue 29 - Austria

                               A Dream Within a Dream, Exhibition Catalog, The Korean Culture Center of Germany - Germany

2009                      Eye Lust Magazine, Issue 2 - London

                               Famous Magazine, Issue 11 - Paris

                               I Love You Magazine, Issue 3 – Berlin

                               SangBleu Online, October


2018                       DDR and Multiculturalism, Halle14, Leipzig - D

                                Artist Talk with Alexandra Chang, Soma Artspace and NYU GAX, Berlin - D

                                Polarisierung durch Feindbilder - Schulische Bildung in Deutschland und Korea im Vergleich, The European University, Berlin - D

2016                       Artist talk with Desiree Foerster, Alpha Nova Futura Galerie, Berlin - D

2015                       The Illusion of Post-gender and Post-racial Society, Protest & Resistance,  Alphanova Futura Galerie, Berlin - D

2014                       Community Gender Bending, Novia University, Jakobstad - FI

                                Studio Talk with Bernd Wagner, District Berlin, Berlin – D

2013                       LGBTQ History Month Visual Artist Workshop, University of the Arts, London - UK

2012                       European University Viadrina, US Post Election Round Table Discussion, Frankfurt (Oder) - D


2013                       Sonja Nilsson at Fargfabriken, Eye Towards the Dove, November - USA

                               New Perspectives in Feminism, Eye Towards the Dove, February - USA

2012                       Virtual Realities Film Week,(Curator), Kino Central, Berlin - D


2017                       Social Art Award (Shortlisted) - D

                               Labor of Love, Best Documentary Short, Equuas Film Festival, NYC - USA

                               Labor of Love, Best Documentary Short, Equinale Film Festival - D

2014                       District Kunst und Kulturfoederung Atelier Stipendium, Berlin - D

2013                       Atelje Stundars Artist in Residence, Korsholm - FI

2010                       Artist in Residence, ZIDUL DE HARTIE-ARTFEST RESIDENCY, Sponsored by the Swiss Cultural Programme of Romania, Borsec - RO