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Born, Busan South Korea, Raised in NYC

Lives and works in Berlin


2006                      BFA Painting, The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow - PL

2001-04                 The Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland - USA


2016                       Film Screening, Past, Present, Tense, Cultural Appropriation And Panel Discussion hosted by Indie Magazine, Berlin - D           

                               Film Screening, Marit., Tunis International Film Festival, Cultural Center Mad’Art, - Tunis   

                               Film Screening & Panel Discussion, Past Present Tense, Cera Project, curated by Ines Valle, London - UK

                               Film Screening, Past Present Tense, DieLINKE KinoNacht, Kino Central, Berlin - D

                               Winner Takes All (solo), Alphanova Futura Galerie, Berlin - D

2015                       Film Screening, Marit., Scottish International Queer Film Festival, Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow - UK

                                Satellite Effects and Other Lines of Flight, District Berlin, Berlin - D

                                Film Screening & Symposium, Past Present Tense, Precarious Art: Resistance and Protest, Alphanova Futura Galerie, Berlin - D

                                Film Screening, Past Present Tense, Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., Berlin -D

                                Film Screening, Marit.,The New York City Porn Film Festival, Secret Project Robot, NYC - USA

2014                       Desert Island, Sculpture Center, NYC - USA

2013                        Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin - D

                                Cut&Paste, Dalstone Superstore, curated by Saskia Witckins, London - UK

                                Alter Angle, curated by Justin Ross, Somos Artspace, Berlin - D

                                Community Gender Bending, Novia University, Jakobstad - FI

2012                        Browsing Copy 2, The Singapore Design Festival - SI  

                                VOLTA NY artfair (solo), presented by Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, NYC - USA

                                Manisensations, Leap Gallery, Berlin - D

                                Virtual Realities Film Week, (curator), Berlin - D

2011                        Spectacular Society (solo), Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin - D (catalog)

                                Proof of Purchase (solo), Arts & Sciences PROJECTS, NYC - USA

                                Preview Artfair, presented by Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Tempelhof Airport, Berlin - D (catalog)

                               The Death of Print, The End of Century, NYC - USA

                                Saturn Blessings, curated by Stevie Hanley, Galerie Studio, Berlin - D

                                New Stand, Uturdur, Reykjavik - IS

2010                       100% Napalm (two-person), Kuma Galerie, Berlin - D

                                Boxers & Fighters, Two Window Project, Berlin - D

                                A Dream Within A Dream, with Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo and Yong-Ho Cha, Curated by Felix Park, The Korean Culture Center of Germany, Berlin - D

                                Are You Coming Too?, September Galerie, Berlin -

                                A Letter From An Old Folks Home On The Moon, The Polish Losers Club, Curated by Billy Miller, Berlin - D

                                New Stand, Arts & Sciences PROJECTS, NYC - USA

2009                      Tjorg Douglas Beer Presents, Galerieimregierungsviertel/The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin - D

                                Piloten Text, Curated by Heiner Franzen, Galerieimregierungsviertel,  Berlin - D

                                Nelson Mandela Must Be Free, Spor Klübü, Berlin - D

                                Like a Moth to a Flame, Curated by Dan Halm, Exile Gallery, Berlin - D

                                The Pleasure Seekers, Curated by Dan Halm, Chashama Gallery, NYC - USA


2017                        University of Rochester, Past Present, Tense, Feature “Border Crossings”, Academic Journal InVisible Culture, Issue 26 - USA

                                Libertine Magazine, Feminismus Goes Pop Goes Digital, pg 25, 27, Issue 6 - D

2016                        Artforum, Critics Picks, Winner Takes All by Arielle Bier

                                “Precarious Art: Protest & Resistance”, Alpha Nova exhibition catalog -

                                The Guardian, “Man or Beast, Why a Pack of Wolves is Terrorizing Berlin”, by Morgan Meake

                                Material Girl Magazine, “Female Empowerment”, by Marieke Fischer - A

2015                        Artforum, Critics Picks by Travis Jeppesen

                                Exberliner, “The Search for Non White German Identity”, by Jill Evans

                                Iheartberlin, “Examining Racism in Germany”, by Skylar Kang

2014                       Bendover Magazine, Issue 8 - D

                             Girls Like Us, Issue 5 - SE

                                L-ink Magazine, - SP

                                Kids of Dada, online, February - UK

                             Tip Berlin, Ateliergespräch, September, - D

203                         The New York Times, Art Shopping for the Stars - USA

                                Artfetch, “Sex Matters”, by Katie Tsorous - IE

                             Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping, by Maria Gabriela Brito - USA

2012                        Wall Papers, Arts & Sciences PROJECTS, NYC - USA

                                Derriere Magazine, London - UK

                             Cake Magazine, September - UK

                                Kenzo's Kenzine, Dal Chodha, September - F

                             Huffington Post Online,“Virtual Realities Film Week” by La John Joseph

                             Missy Magazine, “Defining Identities” by Dorothee Barsch, Berlin - D

                             Sugarhigh.de, “Who's Who”, December 3rd, Berlin - D

                             Berliner Filmfestivals.de, “Der Andere Blick”, by Caroline Weidner, Berlin - D    

                             Zitty Magazine, Virtual Realities, December, Berlin - D

                                We Celebrate, A Pseudonym, “The Story of O” by Göksu Kunak

                             Tip Berlin, Virtual Realities Film Week, Berlin - D

                                Expatriarch,Virtual Realities Film Week, Berlin - D

                                Fluxfm, Virtual Realities Film Week, Berlin - D

2011                        Art in America, “Atlas: Berlin”, by Travis Jeppesen, December - USA

                             Spectacular Society, Exh.Catalog, Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Berlin - D

                             The Work Mag, Issue 4, Los Angeles - USA

                             Missy Magazine Online, by Ana Maria Michel, August 19th - D

                             Bang Bang Berlin, “Artist Showcase:” by Katy Diamond Hamer, July - D

                             New York Times T Magazine Online, “LowDown”, by Alec Friedman, May - USA

                             Preview Art Fair, Exhibition Catalog - D

2010                       K Magazine, “Art as Symphony”, August - D

                             Fault Magazine, London - UK Jungsheft, Issue 1 - D

                             Beautiful Decay, Book #2 Underdog - USA

                             Expatriarch Online, “Kitties & Titties, The Collage Work of Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo”

                             Sugarhigh.de, Body Art - D

                             Independent Style Magazine, Issue 29 - A

                             A Dream Within a Dream, Exhibition Catalog, The Korean Culture Center of Germany - D

2009                      Eye Lust Magazine, Issue 2 - London

                             Famous Magazine, Issue 11 - Paris

                                I Love You Magazine, Issue 3 – Berlin

                             SangBleu Online, October


2016                       Artist talk with Desiree Foerster, Alpha Nova Futura Galerie, Berlin - D

2015                       The Illusion of Post-gender and Post-racial Society, Protest & Resistance, Alphanova Futura Galerie, Berlin - D

2014                       Community Gender Bending, Novia University, Jakobstad - FI

                                Studio Talk with Bernd Wagner, District Berlin, Berlin – D

2013                       LGBTQ History Month Visual Artist Workshop, University of the Arts, London - UK

2012                       European University Viadrina, US Post Election Round Table Discussion, Frankfurt (Oder) - D


2013                       Sonja Nilsson at Fargfabriken, Eye Towards the Dove, November - USA

                               New Perspectives in Feminism, Eye Towards the Dove, February - USA

2012                       Virtual Realities Film Week,(Curator), Kino Central, Berlin - D


2014                       District Kunst und Kulturfoederung Atelier Stipendium, Berlin - D

2013                       Atelje Stundars Artist in Residence, Korsholm - FI

2010                       Artist in Residence, ZIDUL DE HARTIE-ARTFEST RESIDENCY, Sponsored by the Swiss Cultural Programme of Romania, Borsec - RO